About us:

UponLove Foundation is a non-profit Christian charity organization founded on the principle that every African child’s life matters. Our goal is to mitigate the social disparities brought about by poverty which prevent children from ever reaching their full potential and causes them to fall victim to the ills of society.

Through academic and vocational training, our objective is to equip children and young mothers with lucrative job skills. Once our young mothers are employed, it is our belief that they will contribute positively to society and live their lives according to the gospel.

UponLove Foundation shows love to the less fortunate by supplying financial support and services in education, job skills and basic survival needs. Join our missionary program to make a change today.

To equip the less privileged with entrepreneurial skills and proper education
To provide care to orphans, children in need, and young mothers. To bring the love of Christ to the people we serve.